Muddy Mole comes from a beloved Gameboy title called Mole Mania. Being a retro character with a viable moveset a relevant due to his title being on the 3DS E-shop, Muddy Mole has a more than okay chance of getting in. He can't get stuck in the gournd making him more of a challenge for Smashers like Bowser and Donkey Kong.


A. Paw

<-A-> Run Head First

A ^ Upward Paw

A V Duck Down

B. Cabbage Pluck: Like the Pikmin Pluck, only it's a big cabbage that Muddy kicks at his opponent after plucking it.

<-B-> Barrel Roll: Muddy takes a barrel and rolls it along the ground until it hits someone or falls off the edge.

B ^ Paw from Below: Muddy digs into the ground and bursts up with a charged paw swipe.

B V Tunnel: Muddy tunnels underground to avoid getting hit by attacks. Handy for avoiding a final smash like the Mario Finale or Zero Laser.

Final Smash: Iron Ball

Muddy pulls up a giant iron ball, winds up his foot, and kicks it into everyone else, knocking them off the stage.

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