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Mr. Resetti, full name Sonny Resetti, (also known in Japan as Mr. Reset (リセットさん Risetto-san)) is a fictional character in the Animal Crossing series. He first appears in the Nintendo 64 game Dōbutsu no Mori, released in Europe and North America on the Nintendo GameCube as Animal Crossing

Mr. Resetti is a mole whose role in the Animal Crossing series is to advise the player to remember to save before quitting the game, and to give a lecture if they don't. Mr. Resetti has made several minor appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series of video games; appearing as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee,and an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which summons him onto the stage, where he yells at the opponent, in which his text box obscures a large portion of the screen. 

Due to Resetti's many appearances in past Super Smash Bros. games, there is a large possibility of a return. Fans have created rumors stating that Resetti will come back as a boss, this is unconfirmed and highly unlikely as Resetti complains of old age and back pains in a few of his bouts of anger. One unique possibility is that he will come as an Animal Crossing rep for Smash.


A. Pickaxe

<-A-> Pickaxe Swing

A^ Pickaxe spin

A V Pickaxe Smack

B. Rocks: Mr. Resetti jams his pickaxe and pulls it up to send rocks out in front of him.

<-B-> Pickaxe Throw: Resetti throws his pickaxe and digs below ground, coming up when his pickaxe comes within reach to do damage.

B^ Steam Pocket: Resetti hits a "steam pipe" and pops upwards.

B V Complain: Basically what he did in Brawl only smaller.

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