Mr Game & Watch is the first Nintendo character ever created (Mario is the second and ROB the third), is a character canidate for SSB4. He also appeared in the whiteboard drawing seen here that Masahiro made on July 2, 2012.

Mr. Game & Watch is the main figure to represent Game & Watch gallery games and uses multiple attacks seen in his game. Some examples are Fire, Parachute, Chef, Judge, Oil panic, and Octopus. He represents Nintendo's ancient past in games as he is the first Nintendo character and is the lovable 2-D character and has a very high chance to be put back in for SSB4. He also in the Pac-man trailer being hinted of his return and the whiteboard drawing. He is confirmed for SSB4, as an unlockable character.



Clear Classic Mode 10 times.

Play 90 VS. Matches

Wii U

Clear Classic Mode on Standard or higher with 5 characters.

Play 80 VS. Matches

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