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Mr. Coconut is a contestant on the popular television show: Total Drama Island who was originally made by Owen in order to keep his insanity while stranded on a "deserted island" alone for nine minutes of isolation. He is obviously the greatest character in the Total Drama series because he has been in every season except in Revenge of the Island (as cameos). He would definitely fit into Smash Brothers For Wii U and 3DS because in a interview with Sakurai that I just made up, he says, "I want to see how well a well known coconut would fit into the game.If only there was a coconut from an animated TV show I can put into smash bros." So yea, he is pretty much confirmed.

Play style

Mr. Coconut would be a small, lightweight fighter that may not be the strongest fighter but the rapid successions of his attacks can rack up a ton of damage, in order to K.O. the opponent. But to make him not so O.P. he would have to be easily K.O.ed.


Special: Coconut Bash. Mr. Coconut throws his mini coconut minions at the enemy. (3% per coconut)

Side Special: Coconut Spin. Mr. Coconut rolls at high speeds at his foes. (10% damage)

Up Special: EAGLE! Mr. Coconut spans an eagle to fly him upward. (15% damage)

Down Special: Coconut shield. Mr. Coconut protects himself with a coconut.

Final Smash: Coconut Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mr. Coconut majestically flies up to the top of the screen while all other characters on the screen stare in amazement. Mr. Coconut then unleashed his coconut army that falls from the sky! No character is safe ! from the sheer coconut related terror! No matter how hard you try to spam you shield or dodge you will be defeated. Each coconut does 17% damage on impact. (100 coconuts fall from the sky you do the math I am to lazy.


1. is this guy for real...

2. This is hilarious!


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