Monstro is a boss canidate for SSB4. He is a giant whale who lives at the bottom of the sea. His mouth is so huge he can swallow up anything. His theme is the Primagen's theme from Turok: Seeds of Evil. Blossom and Mario fight him in the Deep Blue Sea. After the big battle, Monstro becomes an Assist Trophy. Here's dialogue that starts the big battle:

(The two hear a roar)

Mario: Mama Mia!! What-a was that?

Blossom: We should just keep swimming.

Mario: But I'm-a too scared.

Blossom: Oh for crying out loud, you have to investigate to!

(Monstro crashes into a stone wall, destroying it.)

Blossom: (Gasping)


Mario..... I should have-a made Luigi come-a with us.

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