Mona SSB4

Mona SSB4


Mona on her mo-ped

Mona hails from the Wario Ware Universe as the girl who looks like Daisy with a secret crush on Wario. She rides a mo-ped, as well as working at resteraunts. She might make it as a playable character because she is the most iconic than the other Wario Ware characters and her moveset has alot of potential due to the many jobs she had.             



Whether it's delivering pizzas, crooning hit singles or fighting off jealous rivals in an airplane that looks like a giant chicken, this go-to girl never loses her spunky spirit. Now, just what should she wear today? This peppy high-school girl keeps up with schoolwork, a part-time job at the restaurant, and her red scooter. She's also very smitten with Wario. 


Mona has as much power as Wario, but is faster and lighter than him. She also uses the items from her appearences in the Wario Ware games for her attacks.

Mona has the ability to crawl just like other characters


Mona dashes by using roller skates.

Neutral Attack - Pom-Pom punch

Forward Tilt - Pizza in the face - Hits the foe's face with a box of pizza.

Up Tilt - Raises both hands above her head, raising the roof.

Down Tilt - Downward Pom-Pom punch

Dash Attack - Skating Kick


Forward Smash - Rock Guitar Smash

Up Smash - Mona raises her arms above her head holding them together and forcefully separates them to the left and right sides of her body.

Down Smash - Does a breakdance sweep.


Neutral Aerial - Spin - Spins horizontally.

Forward Aerial - Rock Guitar Meteor Smash

Back Aerial - Throws her head backwards, hitting with it, entire body horizontal.

Up Aerial - Baton Spin - Mona swings her baton in a helicopter motion.

Down Aerial - Baton strike - Points her baton downwards.


Standard Special - Gelato Toss - Mona takes a scoop of gelato and throws it at her opponent, dealing 6% damage. Gelato travel in a straight line and are unaffected by gravity.

Side Special - Mo-ped - Mona drives her mo-ped into her opponent. useful for tight spaces. This move allows Mona to move faster by riding her mo-ped. The mo-ped can be used as an attack by ramming into opponents and by throwing it after Mona dismounts. It will also afford Mona limited protection from attacks and stage hazards. The mo-ped's speed can be controlled depending on how much the player tilts the control stick. If the player taps the control stick in the appropriate direction, the mo-ped will travel at its fastest. Mona can dismount the bike voluntarily by pressing an attack button as well as being knocked off by another player's attack. To ride her mo-ped again, she must get back on it by using the special move again while she's near it. If she's far away from it, using the special move will make Mona look around, trying to find her mo-ped, and do nothing. When Mona dismounts, other characters can pick up and throw the mo-ped, including Mona. Only Mona can ride the mo-ped, although another Mona can ride it and use it as her own. Mona can jump off of her mo-ped in mid-air, even if she has already used her double jump, and she will retain her double jump if she has not already used it. When Mona uses her mo-ped in mid-air, and jumps right before the mo-ped starts falling, the vertical boost is slightly greater than that of her Trampline Jump.

Up Special - Trampline Jump - causing a trampline to immediately appear underneath her, shooting Mona up a great vertical distance.

Down Special - Rock Out! - Plays her Rock Guitar that creates shock waves around Mona that hurt opponents.

Final Smash - Mona's Animal friends - Type - Stage-Wide - Mona calls her animal friends (Deco and Art who are in a van, 4.1 and 4.2 who are drivng some sort of spherical flying vehicle, and propeller aircrafts which are all from WarioWare: Touched!) who attack all over the stage.


Grab - Snatches the foe.

Pummel - Slaps the foe

Foward Throw - Throws the opponent forward

Back Throw - Kicks opponent behind her.

Up Throw - Mona throws her opponent high into the air.

Down Throw - Mona slams her opponent into the ground.

Palette Swaps

Mona 2 WarioWare Twisted
367px-Mona WWTouched
336px-Mona WWSM
329px-Mona WWM
Mona Wario outfits

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