Misty Flying Kick

Misty is the genration 1 and 2 Gym Leader of Cerulean City. She comes from the Kanto region and is one of the more popular Gym Leaders from the series thanks to the anime, and her appearance in HG/SS as well as the World Tournament. Her pokemon are Kingdra, Lanturn, and Psyduck. Like Iris, she directly help her pokemon in battle and her variation of the Triple Finish is called the Hazard Bubble (cooler than it sounds).


A. Agility Punch (she's not called "the Tomboyish Mermaid" for no reason.)

<-A-> Running Punch

A ^ High Kick

A V Slide Trip

<-A-> (Smashed) Mallet Strike from "Ash Catches a Pokemon"

A ^ (Smashed) Jumping Uppercut from "Ash Catches a Pokemon"

A V (Smashed) Double Backfist

Z Grab Ear; like she did to Brock all the time.

A (While Holding) Whine in Grabbed Opponent's Ear

Back (While Holding) Yank Opponent's Ear, like she did to Brock all the time, hard so They Fall

Forward (While Holding) Hard Punch Away

Down (While Holding) Knee Rise

A (In Air) Clap

<-A-> (In Air) Flying Kick from "Ash Catches a Pokemon"

B V Pokemon Change

Final Smash: Hazard Bubble


A. Bubble Beam

<-B-> Dragon Breath

B ^ Surf

Final Smash: Bubble Beam (Hazard Bubble)


B. Dive

<-B-> Electro Ball

B ^ Signal Beam

Final Smash: Electro Ball (Hazard Bubble)


B. Confusion

<-B-> Water Gun

B ^ Psychic

Final Smash: Confusion (Hazard Bubble)

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