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Midna is a character from The Legend of Zelda universe.

Minda is confirmed Assist Trophy in SSB4

She appeared only in "The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess" and became immediately its favourite character and a good candidate for SSB4 .

Midna, similar to Zelda, has two forms: Her imp form riding wolf link, and her true form, both are switched by the B V move. 


A. Kick/ Wolf Bite

<-A-> Twilit Punch

A ^ Twilit Stride/ Wolf Jump

A V Twilit Spin

B. Twilight Shot/Claw: In her imp form, Minda whips her hair like a razor sharp claw at opponents. In her true form, it's a shot of twilight at an opponent.

<-B-> Twilit/ Wolf Dash: A dash attack for both, the only difference is that Imp Midna uses Wolf Link for the dash.

B ^ Twilit/ Wolf High Jump: In her imp form, Midna guides wolf link upwards as a third jump. In her true form, Midna uses charged twilight as she jumps to do damage to anyone that comes in contact.

B V: Twilight Arrows: Same for both forms, Midna fires pointed twilight shards and she ducks.

Final Smash: Twilit Armor

Midna in either form dawns the twilit armor and changes into the monsterous form from Twilight Princess for a short period, slashing at all opponents for 20% damage a slash.

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