Meepo's portrait in SSB4

Meepo is a character originally from Dota 2, he is popular for his micro skills. 

Special Moves

Innate - Every time Meepo gets a kill, one extra Meepo appears (up to 4 extra). Meepo plays much like Ice Climbers, with 5 Meepos, 4 of them are AI controlled while the player moves the main one.

Standard - Geostrike: A long punch, similar to Falcon Punch, but instead of doing high damage, it slows down the enemies caught in it. The slow depends of the number of Meepos.

Side - Earthbind: Throws one or multiple nets depending of the number of Meepos in various angles, each enemy caught in a net is stunned.

Up - Poof: All the Meepos form a chain, the lenght of it depends of the number of Meepos.

Down - Divided We Stand: Sends up to two Meepos on each side that deals damage, the main Meepo stays in the center and in vulnerable.

Final Smash - Micro Skills: Each Meepo splits, the player controls the main Meepo while the others are controlled by the AI, they do not follow the player anymore and each Meepo acts individually.

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