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Medusa is a playable character canidate for SSB4. She was the main antagonist in Kid Icarus and a frequent villain of the Castlevania games. She reappeared in the revival, Kid Icarus: Uprising, that was made by the same team that had made the Super Smash Bros series. Essentially Palutena's evil twin, she has staff magic and a few attacks derived from mythology.


B. Stone Stare: Medusa galres and turns her opponent to stone.

Side B Snake Lance: Medusa uses her staff like a throwing spear.

Up B Serpent Uppercut: She slashes upward.

Down B Tail Whip: Medusa lashes her tail about.

Final Smash Ultimate Stone Stare: Medusa yells "TURN TO STONE!" and fires a giant laser that turns all people but her to stone.

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