Mask Link is Young Link but his attacks will consist of his masks.
Mask Link


Normal Form

B - Hero's Bow

Side B - Bombchu

Up B - Spin Attack

Down B - Change to Deku Form.

Deku Link

Deku Form

B - Bubble Shot

Side B - Spin Attack

Up B - Deku Flower

Down B - Switch to Goron Form

Goron Link

Goron Form

B - Goron Punch Combo

Side B - Roll Attack

Up B - Goron Pound

Down B - Switch to Zora Form

Zora Link

Zora Form

B - Electric Aura

Side B - Zora Finn's

Up B - Dolphin Jump

Down B - Switch to Normal Form

Final Smash: Fierce Deity Link

Fierce Deity Link

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