Sakurasou no pet na kanojo mashiro render by vurdalak84-d6lmvrf

Artwork from the Light Novel of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Aww so cute :3

Mashiro Shiina (椎名ましろ) is the female protagonist of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou), likes baumkuchen, create mangas and loves Sorata Kanda. Also will not fight as an Playable Character



Normal Attack: Hand Slap (Wii: 2 Button, GCN: A Button) Is the normal attack, like the girls slaps boys in the cheek and Peach. Mashiro slaps over the enemies 2 times.

Up-Attack: Clap Attack (Wii: Control Pad ↑ + 2 Button, GCN: Stick ↑ + A Button) The popular attack like Donkey Kong and Wario, mashiro claps over the enemies and is effective.

Down-Attack: Split Spin (Wii: Control Pad ↓ + 2 Button, GCN: Stick ↓ + A Button) A messy attack like Kirby, Mashiro ducks and makes a split and spins.

Side-Attack: Daisuki Kick (Wii: Control Pad  ← / → + 2 Button, GCN: Stick  ← / → + A Button) The super effective attack for girls, Mashiro kicks and trows away the enemies.

Special Moves

Normal Special Move: Digital Tablet Draw (Wii: 1, GCN: B) Mashiro draws random manga characters to help and attack the enemies.

Side-Special Move: Cat Neko Nya Attack (Wii: Control Pad ← / → + 1 Button, GCN: Stick ← / → + B Button) Mashiro grabs Sorata's Cat and the cat is ready to attack with his spikey claws.

Up-Special Move: Sakura Jump (Wii: Control Pad ↑ + 1 Button, GCN: Stick ↑ + B Button) Mashiro makes magic to collect cherry blossoms petals to jump higher.

Down-Special Move: Cooking Knife (Wii: Control Pad ↓ + 1 Button, GCN: Stick ↓ + B Button) Mashiro defend with her cooking knife to pinch the enemies.

Final Smash

The Power of Baumkuchen (Wii: 1 Button, GCN: B Button) When Mashiro gets the smash ball, and Mashiro eats the baumkuchen and charge the power to speed up and attacks faster.


Taunt A: Plan ABC (Wii: Control Pad ← / → + A Button, GCN: Control Pad ↑) Mashiro goes to plan A in the first time, Plan B in second time, Plan C in the last time.

Taunt B: Nande? (Wii: A Button, GCN: Control Pad ↓) Some similar word: Why? in japanese, likes the song.

Taunt C: Sorata no Baka (Wii: Contol Pad ↑ / ↓ + A Button, GCN: Control Pad ← / →)=== Mashiro says funny to Sorata and Mashiro become angry with Sorata in the anime.

Pallete Swap

Pallete 1: Normal (Blonde Hair, Light Blue School Jumper and Purple School Skirt)

Pallete 2: Shiny (Gold Hair, Purple School Jumper and Orange School Skirt)

Pallete 3: Bubblegum Pink (Pink Hair, Pink School Jumper and Pink School Skirt)

Pallete 4: Dark (Black Hair, Gray School Jumper and Dark Blue School Skirt)

Pallete 5: Puny (Blue Hair, Dark Green School Jumper and Red School Skirt)


Baumkuchen, Sorata Kanda (love interest), Nanami Aoyama (best friend), Cats, Manga, Misaki Kamiigusa (best friend), Chihiro Sengoku (cousin)

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