Marahute Flying

Marahute swooping in for the kill.

Marahute is an Adventure Mode boss canidate. Her theme is "The Encounter" from Kingdom Hearts 2. Although she is not evil, she is under the influence of and controled by Bowser and Eggman, thanks to a sinister Dark Trophitization. She was ordered to kidnap Penny and hold her hostage by Eggman. Bolt and Simba must defeat her and undo the effects of the Dark Trophy Stand by using a regular Trophy Stand to save Penny. She cannot be killed until she is trophitized. Because if done so, you will fail the level and will have to start at the bottom of the Final Fortress, Eggman's base. She is found in the Savannah in the cutscene and in the Final Fortress in game. After defeat, she becomes good again and takes Bolt and Penny into the Sky. She is then chased by Xemnas. After becoming a trophy, she becomes an Assist Trophy character.

An illusion of Marahute is created by Xenahort

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