Mach Rider

Mach Rider Is a character canidate for SSB4. He is a retro character. Being an assist trophy in brawl and Sakurai wanting to include retro characters in the new smash, this may be a consideration. Mach Rider has move revolving around his bike and uses it for all his B moves, a unique style never really seen in the series. Plus, he can't jump really well, so he could be a harder character for experts in smash, like Little Mac's lack of ranged moves.


A. Rev Up (Used to power up B moves)

<-A-> Drive into people

A ^ Pop a wheelie

A V Brakes

B. Wheel Grind: Mach Rider grind's his bikes wheel against his opponent for damage. 

<-B-> Bike Blast: As Mach charges, two pellet guns come out and shoot at anyone in the way.

B ^ Wheelie Jump: Mach pops a wheelie and bursts high into the air.

B V Sparks: Mach grinds the bike's tires against the ground and creates damaging sparks.

Final Smash: Stunt Jump

As the base of the stage fills with water as sharks jump from it and bite, Mach takes out everyone airborne in an epic flamming jump across the stage.

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