Lyra is the female trainer from Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver. She would make a good female represenative for this universe, having a different triple finish than the last pokemon trainer in SSBB. 


(Push A V to switch pokemon.)


B. Ember

<-B-> Rollout

B ^ Fire Spin

B V Flame Wheel (can be charged)

Final Smash: Fire Spin (Triple Finish)


B. Headbutt

<-B-> Razor Leaf

B ^ Vine Whip

B V Bullet Seed

Final Smash: Razor Leaf (Triple Finish)


B. Crunch (like Wario's chomp, but stronger)

<-B-> Hydro Pump (Can be charged)

B ^ Surf

B V Strength

Final Smash: Hydro Cannon (Triple Finish)

Triple Finish: This version in a rotating barrage of fire and projectiles as opposed to a beam.

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