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Luigi's design in Smash 4.

The shadow of his older brother Mario, Luigi appears once again in SSB4, due to his appearance in the 3 previous installments as an unlockable character and being in Nintendo's most popular videogame franchise.Having starred in almost every single game his brother had and even having a few games of his own like the Luigi's Mansion series.

Luigi is well known for looking similar to his previously stated brother, Mario, just with a greener wardrobe, more hieght, and the famous 'L' on his hat instead of an 'M' like Mario's. Not only does Luigi share visual similarities with Mario, he also shares similar attacks; such as, the fireball attack (yet Luigi's is green), and a jumping like attack for a 'b-up' attack. Luigi, like Mario, also had his own stage in SSBB called Luigi's Mansion. It was basically huge summary of Luigi's entire mansion, consisting of three floors floating on a piece of earth, each of which can be destroyed by players and rebuilt by Boos.           

He appeared also in the whiteboard drawing , that Masahiro made on 2 July 2012.

He was confirmed on the dojo on 07/08/2013.   


Special: Fireball

Custom 1: Bouncing Fireball

Custom 2: Iceball

Side Special: Green Missle

Custom 1: Floating Missle

Custom 2: Quick Missle

Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Custom 1: Fiery Jump Punch

Custom 2: Burial Header

Down Special: Luigi Cyclone

Custom 1: Mach Cyclone

Custom 2: Clothesline Cyclone

Final Smash: Poltergust 5000


Pizza, Mario (older brother), Bowser (sometimes), Toad, Peach (good friend), Rosalina (love interest), Yoshi (surrogate son) Link (fellow greenie), Young Link (fellow greenie), Toon Link (fellow greenie), Classic Link (fellow greenie), Ninten (dad of Luigi's friendly rival Ness), Ness (friendly rivalry in the original Super Smash Bros.)


Bowser (sometimes), Boos, Koopa Army, King Boo (arch enemy)

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