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Super Smash Bros. 4 - Lucina Robin Captain Falcon Trailer

Lucina is a confirmed character for Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and 3DS. Her game of origin is Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS. In both versions, she is unlockable.

She appears fighting Captain Falcon, with a prone Chrom behind her. She fights Captain Falcon, but is defeated until Robin joins the fray. 

She appears to have a similar moveset to Marth (which may be seen as fitting, considering she took up the name for a time in Fire Emblem: Awakening). However, there may be differences that have not been revealed yet. It is possible that she is shorter, lighter, and faster than Marth (similar to how Toon Link and Link are not quite the same characters and thus have similar differences). This also similar to how Roy was similar to Marth but had fire attacks and his sword is stronger at the center, but Lucina's blade is strong in all areas. 

To help declone her from Marth, she should have ice attacks since Roy and Ike have fire attacks.

Her Final Smash is Marth's Final Smash, Critical Hit.

Lucina is voiced by Laura Bailey.



Clear Classic Mode as Marth without continuing.

Play 40 VS. Matches.

Wii U

Clear Classic Mode on Heatin' Up on 5.5 or higher.

Play 30 VS. Matches.

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