Lord Zedd

I am Lord Zedd! HA ha ha ha!! Now DIE!!

Lord Zedd is a boss canidate for SSB4. He is fought by the Power Rangers, Mario, Sonic, Angry Birds, and Red. His theme is "The Encounter" from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. His other theme is "Rage Awakened", also from Kingdom Hearts: Bith by Sleep. He has 2 phases. Phase 1 is himself as a fighter-sized boss. Phase 2 is where he grows to enormous size, and that's where the Megazord and Dragonzord come in to finish the job. Here's dialogue that starts the duel.

Mario: MAMA MIA!! Who's-a that!?

Jason: It's our old enemy, Lord Zedd.

Zedd: That's right! I just love to wreak havok!

Tommy: Get off our planet!!

Red: Get 'em Charizard!

(Charizard roars and attacks, but Lord Zedd uses telepathy to push Charizard away.)

Zedd: You can't touch me!

Zack: Oh yea? How's about some first-class hindy whippin'?

Billy: Yea, how about some, Muscle Face?

Zedd: Muscle Face!? Why you little...

(Angry Birds enter)

Irving: HEY YOU!!

Bomber: Don't mess with our friends!

Zedd: Hmmph!! I think you need a time out! Here! Taste the
forbidden power of darkness!!!

Oinker: Stop! Piggy time!

Zedd: SHUT UP!! You all need some attention from me!

Start of Phase 2:

Zedd: ENOUGH! Time for all of you to meet your maker!! (Grows to great size and laughs.)

Power Rangers: We need DInozord Power, now!

Tommy: I need Dragonzord Power! (Plays his Dragon Dagger)


Mario: Here-a we go!!

Red: Alright!!

Sonic: Yea, let's go get 'em!

Angry Birds: Let's do this!!

Terence: I like trains.

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