Lord Tyrannus

Lord Tyrannus is a canidate for a boss in SSB4. He is depicted to be a fighter-sized boss. He fights along side Thunder. His theme is the Primagen's theme from Turok: Seeds of Evil.

Unlike most bosses he won’t be very big (actually about the size of 2 bowsers if not slightly larger). A possible beginning is him riding Thunder the T. Rex which you have to dismount. While mounted he can…

- Can chomp and chew the player before spitting them out.
- Can trample or stomp with his feet.
- Give a loud roar that can stun the player.
Once he is dismounted, he will draw his sword and will fight you on foot. Attacks are as follows
- Summon enemies and throw them at you.
- Can use the enemies as shields as well.
- Pick the opponent up and throw them.

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