Lloyd is a character canidate for SSB4. He is a character created by Namco Bandai.

He has appeared as a playable character in the fan game Super Smash Flash and its sequel Super Smash Flash 2, with the latter still being developed. In the sequel he now has a full moveset, and a unique playstyle. His moveset in Super Smash Flash 2 is as followed:

  • B: Demon Fang (Mash the button fast enough for Double Demon Fang)
  • Side B: Sonic Thrust
  • Down B: Grave Blade
  • Up B: Tiger Blade
  • Final Smash: Falcon's Crest

Even though those are his B moves, he has some of his other Artes in his A moves. Those are:

  • Down Smash: Sword Rain
  • Forward Smash: Beast
  • Neutral Air: Tempest
  • Down Air: Rising Falcon

While those are the only Artes he knows in the game, he can still combine them for devastating combos. He can combine Rising Falcon, into Tiger Blade, into Tempest, into either Sonic Thrust, or Beast (With use of the C Stick) which can lead to heavy damage and huge knockback. He can throw a character up, and combine Tiger Blade, into Rising Falcon, into Grave Blade, into Tiger Blade, into Tempest, into Sword Rain, into Demon Fang, into Sonic Thrust.

As said previously, if you mash the B button fast enough, Demon Fang can turn into Double Demon Fang. If mashed fast enough for an extended period of time, his Demon Fang shockwaves will disappear due to lag, and a limiter of how many he can have on the field at once. This shouldn't really affect his combos, but if you have an enemy in a fury of Demon Fangs and Double Femon Fangs (Demonic Chaos), he/she may be able to escape.

However, Sakurai said that Namco Bandai characters are not going to be in the game so Lloyd might not be playable (even though Mega Man was confirmed).

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