LittleKuriboh is a famous Voice Actor on Youtube, and plays the voice of nearly every goddamn character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

This is LittleKuriboh.

His moveset will be

B: Yami Voice (500% damage to anyone who hears it)

Side B: Joey Voice/Nyeh!!! (200% damage and high knockback to anyone who hears it)

Down B: Marik/Melvin Voice (Random which voice will come out, but all who hear it are insta-KOed)

Up B: Tea's girl Voice: (SCREAMS FRIENDSHIP AND STUNS EVERYONE!  Even those who don't hear it)

Final Smash: It's called cheating! Get used to it! (Every single card in Yugi's deck is summoned onto the field. This would cause intense lag, even on the PS4. All active spell and trap cards lock onto every other player in the game and, not KO, but actually kill them, while all monster cards roam the field until the match ends. Sometimes monsters will still appear in the next match, and if they KO you it will count towards LittleKuriboh's KOs from last match, and carry them over to this match)

As you can see, LittleKuriboh will be a force only matched by the late Bruce Lee.

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