Leon Powalski

Leon Powalski

Leon hails from the Star Fox Universe as an alternative Star Wolf member to Pigma. He uses blasters, grenades, and can even turn invisible for a short period. Plus, he's been in every  Star Fox game, including the remake of Star Fox 64.He is the controller of Giratina and Reshiram which he has brainwashed them to destroy everything. .He is taken down by Falco in a fight to the death but still lives though. 


B. Energy Pellet: Leon pulls out a small blaster an shoots an energy pellet that bounces off walls.

<-B-> Machine Blaster:Leon fires a stream of energy pellets at foes from a mid-sized blaster.

B ^ Heavy Blast: Leon shoots a heavy blaster at the ground as a third jump.

B V grenade shower: Leon  scatters hundreds of grenades in the air and they rain down on everyone.

final smash .Leon says "I think I'll torture you for a while!" and disappears into the backround only the player will see Leon and Leon's attacks will be powered up by 50'/, making instant KO'S TO other and when he uncamoflarges Leon will now say. "Your not as tough as I thought".

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