The Legion of darkness is a possible story for SSB4, a fitting entry for the series. 

The story begins at the next smash tournament, presided by Peach and Zelda. But this time, Magnus and Pit are guarding the stadium entrance in case "Gannondorf or that overgrown turtle get any ideas." The brawl begins with Mario and Sonic's trophies decending and landing center stage. After the player chooses Mario or Sonic and wins, Mario/Sonic walks up to Mario's/Sonic's trophy and touches the base, and the two high five eachother. Suddenly, a koopaling airship rises overhead as Bowser Jr. decends from it, calling down several hulking robots with a strange symbol on them. Two robots defeat and capture Peach and Zelda, while Bowser Jr. sends in Boom Boom to stop Mario and Sonic. After a brief conflict, the two team up and chase after the floatilla. Meanwhile, Pit and Magnus fly off to Skyworld to warn Palutena about the invasion, but find Legion drones attacking the sanctuary. Pit and Mangus fight the drones, but they stop when they see Marion and Sonic's trophies hurtling away from the floatilla. The four smashers team up to go through the temple to reach Palutena before Bowser Jr. and the legion. To their horror, at the end of the temple lies a brainwashed Palutena, staff raised. Wario appears from the shadows and lets out an evil cackle before commanding Palutena to attack them to which she gives a nod. They defeat and free her, only to have Wario take her trophy to the airship and destroy the temple. Meanwhile, Peach and Zelda's Trophies are activated by a mysterious imp, which Zelda reconizes as Midna. Peach, however, nearly screams before Zelda explains that Midna is an old friend. The three sneak around the strange new vessel they are aboard until they run into the pilot, Dr. Eggman. Before anyone can react, two cage like creatures capture Peach and Zelda, jumping down to the glade below, to which Midna jumps down after them atop Wolf Link.

At the same time, in the forgotten subway, a blue suited woman makes her way through the debris to sneak past Legion guards. In pursuit of her power suit, Samus Aran brawls against dark legion guards and sneaks through the legion train. After reaching the front, she spots her power suit being rolled into a strange factory and crawls into an airduct. Within the factory, near the suit, rests a strange box, stowed among the cargo. Back with Mario, Sonic, Pit, and Magnus, things have gone from bad to worse. The rolling hills are being used to transport weapons to the Legion HQ (yes, this is based on Green Hill Zone). The four go through the hill beating Egg Pawns and other Eggman robots while they shut off the cargo rails. After they shut off the rails, they head out for Sonic's house, where Tails is hiding from the Legion. In the glade, Peach and Zelda are being harrassed by a group of egg pawns, until a hand taps the egg emperor's cockpit. The hand flicks out and punches through, and draws back revealing Rayman as the hand's user. He free's Peach and Zelda and they, along with Midna moments later, battle the Egg Emperor. When the Egg Emperor is finally destroyed, the group decides to head for Peach's Castle where Luigi was visiting. 

In the Wild Jungle, the kong's banana hoard has been stolen by Bowser and King K. Rool to lure them out of the jungle. And soon enough, Donkey Kong and Diddy arrive and begin chasing Bowser's and K. Rool's minions. The apes roam through the jungle, doging spikes and other traps, until they reach K. Rool. The defeat him only to find that it was an illusion so that DK could be tropheformed and captured. Diddy heads for the falls to get help from an old friend. At an old tower, Link pulls the Master Sword from it's base once more to confront the legion. He is suddenly ambushed by a group of drones when suddenly they are all whirled into parts. The mage responsible turns out to be Geno, who decides that Link needs his help. They navigate their way to the base of the tower while destroying enemy constructors in the process. At the center of the tower, they spot Yoshi fighting what looks like Ghirahim, and help defeat him. However, this Ghirahim was an illusion so that link could be captured, but the three escape and make it to the base of the tower. Back with Samus, the station is still moving and Samus is caught in the middle of a Drode trap, Until a sword slash followed by a star destroy them. Meta Knight and Kirby reveal themsleves and decide to team up with samus to help her get her suit back. After navigating converor belts and gears, this trio reaches the main, only to fall onto a conveyor going the wrong way. At the falls, Fox and Krystal are relaxing until Diddy comes by with a panic striken face. Krystal suddenly notices that there are strange machines coming out of the water. The trio battles them and saves the falls, but Krystal get's captured by K. Rool and carried off, sending Fox and Diddy after him. Flaco leaps from a nearby Arwing to join them in the chase. They don't save Krystal, but they do board an airship in Bowser Jr.'s fleet as it defends K. Rool's ship.

At an unknown base, Ghirahim and Gannondorf are overlooking the plans and spot three hero strongholds: Peach's Castle, Marth's Castle, and Sonic's Vacation Home. The two laugh manaically as waves of minions head for the strongholds. At Peach's Castle, Peach and her companions arrive to see that the Helbard is attacking; Luigi and Ness are struggling to keep the drones at bay. Rayman and Midna jump down and wipe out the drove, and the six battle through the castle to keep Claus from claiming it. Even though Ness is captured by Claus, the team still saves the castle, although now it's mostly rubble. Sonic's house is doing far from good; Tails has to duck while he sends the distress signal, and Captain Olimar along with Captain Falcon aren't doing very well keeping Eggman at bay. The three abandon the house, allowing the Legion to take over. Worse, R.O.B. and Pikachu are trapped in the basement. R.O.B. lights the way as they try to avoid barrels and enemies in the dark in order to reach the cellar door and get out. As they spot the light at the end of the cellar, a Legion armored machine called the Grindilator attacks them. After defeating the Grindilator, they escape only to run into a swarm of drones. Back in the Hub, Snake emerges from his hiding place near samus's suit and begins his investigation into the drone technology. He has a run in with Samus, Kirby and Meta Knight and leads them to the spot where he saw the Power Suit. They crawl beneath piles of junk to reach the suit, and get surronded by Suit Drones. They defeat the drones and escape with Samus with her Power Suit returned, but are trapped when Ridley orders a lock down of the Hub. In the desert, Marth and Micaiah are patrolling the gates, when they spot movement. Link, Geno, and Yoshi are running and fighting the drones to keep them away. Marth and Micaiah team up with the trio and fight the massive wave. Geno  soon spots Goombas and Kremlings barging into the castle. They take a secret passage where they are confronted by Ghirahim and Wario, who are fought and defeated. To finish saving the castle, they must defeat the troops inside and activate three barricades. In spite of succending in defending the castle, Yoshi is captured and taken aboard the Airship Fleet. Mario, Sonic, Pit, and Magnus finally reach the home to confront Eggman's drones. To enter, each one must find a key and plug it into the front door. After doing so Eggman emerges and brawls with them, only to be tropheformed by Mike when the percent meter reaches 350%. They look up at the airships and jump aboard, hoping to rescue the abducted. A figure watches in the shadows and transforms into Sonic.

The trophies of Palutena,  Krystal, Ness, and Yoshi rest behind King K. "Krusha" Rool, who challenges anyone to take themas a prize in a boxing match, and gets slugged with a flashing punch. Little Mac takes center stage and challenges him to a fight. After Mac's win, K. Rool's Trophy clatters along the ground. Bowser Jr. swoops in and takes the trophies... however, Mac star punches the cages holding Krystal and Ness, and revives them. They soon brawl their way to the cannons, where they fire themselves onto the Helbard. At the Frigid Cliffs, R.O.B. and Pikachu are still running from drones, when the reach the edge of the cliff. They get saved by the Ice Climbers and Lucas, to which the four team up. They descend the hazardous cliff to encounter what looks like Sonic. However, Lucas's side B reveals that it's Zoark and they begin fighting. After Zorak/Lucas wins, he touches Zoark's/Lucas's trophy and the two agree to work together. At the Hub core, Ridley has finally found Samus and her team and the two clash. After Ridley is tropheformed, the group busts out and heads for the depot, where the legion ships are fueled. The tracks leading there are rife with enemies and some of these robots even have a strange "Dr. W" lable as Snake notes. Back with Link, Geno, Marth, and Micaiah, the barren fields are still, except for a herd of rock monsters heading for Marth's Castle. The Grocks are taken down by Dillion, who agrees to help get rid of them. They run around the flat plain battling the Grocks and keeping them away from the castle gates, to which they suceed and Dillion rolls off to look for his companion. In the Mountaintop Dojo, Kat and Anna are training as Takamaru watches. Ganondorf charges in and tries to capture them only to be blocked by Takamaru. After a brawl with the dojo teetering close to the edge, Ganondorf is tropheformed and thrown down the mountain, and they spot the Helbard heading their way. Back with Samus, the holding bay contains the trophies that were taken and the source of the drones link: an invention of Dr. Wily, evil scientist and madman. Before he can turn the trophies evil though, two saw blades slice the conectors, and land back in the hands of Mega Man. Pit, Fox, Falco, and Diddy appear to save their tropheformed friends. Wily activates the Yellow Devil and orders it to attack them. The Yellow Devil is destroyed, and Palutena, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi are finally saved. Then everyone turns to fight Dr. Wily, who is running for his life. Aboard the Helbard, Little Mac spots a strange puff of smoke, only to see that it's Kat and Anna along with Takamaru. With that being found, Little Mac, Krystal, Ness, Takamaru, Kat and Anna battle the drones protecting the engines and attempt to destroy them. They can't break the engines due to the sheild, which is controlled in the main control room. Peach's group is in the ancient sewers, when Kamek appears out of the darkness. Zelda transforms into the ninja-like Impa, while Midna changes into her true form. Then Impa, Midna, Rayman, Peach, and Luigi brawl Kamek, turning him into a trophy once they win. With Link's group, the mountain path to reach the Helbard's landing site is tricky. Dillion soon appears alongside Louie, Olimar's buisness partner. The six smashers head for the mountain top and grab a chain leading to the Helbard depolyment bay. In the corridor leading to the Helbard's main control room, Little Mac's group runs into Fox and Falco, much to Krystals joy. they split up to damage the engines and disable the sheild. Fox, Falco, and Krystal spot Claus surrounded by Mr. Game and Watch clones. Claus spots them and demands them to challenge him. After Klaus is defeated, the Game and watch clones merge into the bleeping black and gray sprite the team knows and loves... well, knows. Back at the base of the mountain, the Pokemon Trainer and Iris, are running along the mountain in an atempt to stop the Helbard from crashing into the mountain. They battle Dodongos, Hammer Bros., and Roller Bots to keep the Helbard from crashing. At the top, they encounter the last three villians: Bowser Jr., Wolf O'Donnell, and Mewtwo. They brawl against the three villians and suceed in defeating them. The Helbard stops falling as the teams meet up and form one massive team to stop the force behind this: the Chaotic King.

The heroes look over the legion minion generators and each take a fighting stance. They traverse the area and destroy the generators causing the Chaos King to emerge and fire an energy wave that tropheforms all of the heroes. Nearby in a hidden bunker, two hammers pound on the door. Amy Rose and Dedede emerge and spot Rayman's trophy. They agree to revive him, and together , they search the toxic muck for the first group of smasher trophies. After finding the trophies, they realize that the others and the villian trophies are still not there. At the other end, a lone figure emerges and walks up to Bowser Jr. and Wolf's trophies. After reviving them, the figure reveals itself to be N, who points to the toxins corrupting the landscape. Angered by the Chaotic King's betrayal, the three villians team up to find the rest of the trophies. At the end of this chapter, the heroes and villians unite after hearing the secret to beating the Chaos King: colecting six trophy spirits and sending them to the forge. 

After completing the six elemental zones, (Skyward City, Volcano Jazz, Land of the Livid Dead, Ancient River, Hallowed Canyon, and Castle Pass) the team is finally ready to bring the legendary fighters to life. However, the Chaotic King reveals that he seeks to corrupt the forge so that only evil spirits become trophies. 

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