Latias and Latios

Latias & Latios are player canidates for SSB4. Although they were pokemon to come out of pokeballs in Brawl, it would be cool to see them as playable characters in the next game. They would be switch-outs like Zelda and Pokemon Trainer.


B - Latias: Mist Ball - Shoots a ball of mist at the enemy, and covers the enemy in small area of mist./Latios: Luster Purge - Charges up energy, then lets out giant beam of psychic energy.

Side B - Both: Dragon Pulse - Shoots out a ball of dragon energy at the enemy.

Up B - Both: Fly - Like Charizard, they do a somersault, and glides through the air for a little while.

Down B - Switch to Latios/Switch to Latias.

Final Smash - Hero's Power - Just like in Pokemon The Movie: Heroes, Latios and Latias,  when they are saving Altamore from the giant flood, they start glowing(Latias glows yellow, and Latios glows light-green) and fly around the stage dealing damage to who ever touches them.

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