File:Krom Artwork.jpg
Krom is from the new 3DS game called Fire Emblem:Awakenin

He is speculated to be in SSB4. Like Ike did for the generation before the Wii, Krom could represent the 3DS branch of the franchise and use his sword in a different style than the other Fire Emblem characters from past entries in Smash.


A. Sword Slash (similarly to Link)

<-A-> Sliding Strike

A ^ Skyward Strike (like Lynn)

A V Ground Stab

B. Light Blade: Krom's blade glows and unleashes a slash of light. This move is chargable.

<-B-> Running Stab: Self Explanitory

B ^ Light Glory: Krom charges light into his blade and stabs it upward, sending a bolt of light from it.

B V Light Spreader: Krom sends two waves of light in either direction to damage the opponent.

Final Smash: Light Prismal Streak

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