Kat and Anna are 12 year old ninjas from the Wario ware Universe. The served as an assist trophy in brawl, and they have a good shot at getting in.


A. Ninja Kick

<-A-> Sword Swipe

A ^ Ninja High Jump

A V Ninja Slide

B. Ninja Flurry: Kat and Anna swing their swords in a blinding flurry.

<-B-> Ninja Stars: Kat and Anna throw two rows of ninja stars that do 5% damage for each star.

B ^ Ninja Tag Slash: A watered-down version of their assist trophy function in brawl.

B V Ninja Poof: Kat and Anna poof out in a cloud of smoke and reappear in another part of the stage.

Final Smash: Katana Mega Slash

Kat and Anna pick up wo massive katanas from one of their Warioware games and slash up the screen, knocking everyone else off.

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