Joe and Mac are cavemen that come from an arcade/Super NES title of the same name. Being retro characters who's games did well, even one getting an HD remake, they have a descent shot of getting in. You control both Joe and Mac at the same time, like the Ice Climbers only better.


A. Club

<-A-> Side Club

A ^ Upwards Club

A V Ground Club

B. Bone Spread: Joe and Mac hop up and throw out three bone projectile to damage the opponent.

<-B-> Boomerangs: Like Link's boomerang, only there's two made of stone that do more damage.

B ^ Electricity: Joe and Mac send lighting to the ground as they get boosted by the blast.

B V Fire: The clubs catch fire and senda wave of flame around the two cavemen.

Final Smash: T-rex Chomper

A T-rex appears in from of the stage as a big mouth that chomps all the opponents before spitting them out.

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