Iris and Friends

Iris hails from the Pokemon Universe as a Unova Gym Leader. Being a dragon-type user, a unique variation on the pokemon trainer, and having a base in the anime, she seems like a good choice for SSB4. She fight alongside her pokemon by providing melee moves, with her pokemon being Axew, Zwelious, and Dragonite. Her Champion outfit in BW2 acts as an alternate costume, as her normal apperance is her gym leader outfit for Black and White.


A. Kick

<-A-> Charge Kick

A ^ Uppercut-like Punch

A V Knee Blow

B V Pokemon Switch 

Final Smash: Draco Inferno (A different kind of Triple Finish.)


B. Dragon Rage

<-B-> Dragon Tail

B ^ Slash

Final Smash: Dragon Rage (Draco Inferno)


B. Double Hit

<-B-> Dragon Rush

B ^ Dragon Breath

Final Smash: Dragon Rush (Draco Inferno)


B. Draco Meteor

<-B-> Dragon Claw

B ^ Fly

Final Smash: Draco Meteor (Draco Inferno)

In Draco Inferno, all three of Iris' Pokemon create a powerful explosion with their attacks that forms a massive, dragon-shaped flame.

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