Il Piantissimo first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine. His main role was to race you to the shine and be a total jerk about it. If you lost, he killed you on the spot and threw in one of his signature insults; it is speculated that he and the running man from Ocarina of Time share the same identity.

A Attacks: A punch in the kisser, a kick where it hurts, a bellyflop/tackle move, and a bicyle kick

B Attacks: His B attacks are all slightly modified versions of his A attacks

Smash: He takes off his mask, creating a blinding light so people can't see his identity. His mask then grows in size, crushing his doomed foes.

Taunts: He can throw one of his famed insults at his foes ("Pointy-Headed Flab Biscuit!") or run literal circles around his opponents.

Our hero


Il Piantissimo in action!

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