The Guardian is not going to be a playable character for SSB4. She is from the game Guardian Legend. Being a retro character and the possibility to be different from other sword toters, she seems to be a possibility. She also possesses a jetpack like mechanism and could use that as part of a moveset.


A. Slash

<-A-> Pew Pew

A ^ Turns blade

A V badass slash

B. Stomp: Similar to Pit's side B in Brawl.

<-B-> POWER... something: Guardians pack pulses out as she accelerates at the opponent with her blade extended.

B ^ Flying :D : Guardian uses her wing pack (or Jetpack) to fly upwards.

B V downwards slash: Guardian aims for the ground as her blade spins at extreme speed.

Final Smash: stabs herself

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