Grovyle has been speculated to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. Grovyle is the 2nd evolution of Treeko and the evolution before Sceptile.

Since his appearance as a main character in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, he has become a beloved character among the fans.

Many people say it could show up with a new pokemon trainer with Blaziken and Mudkip.

If he goes by his character as a trainer's pokemon, his moveset could be:

B. Leaf Blade

<-B-> Energy Ball

B^ Leech Seed: Slowly restores Grovyle's health over time. Wears off if he is either defeated or switched out.

Bv Quick attack

Final Smash: Triple Attack (teams up with Blaziken and Mudkip and attacks the opponent)

If he goes by his Pokemon Mystery Dungeon character, his moveset could be:

B. Leaf Blade

<-B-> Energy Ball

B^ Upwards Slash, may hit enemies that have the ability to fly.

Bv Dig: Either hides from an attack (excluding final smashes) and ambushes the opponent from below or drops on top of an opponent on a lower stage.

Final Smash: Time Theif, it could work like Luigi's final smash in Brawl. Grovyle's eyes glow light blue and he reveals all five Time Gears that he collected and makes opponents freeze in a limited space, those who enter the zone are set in slow motion and their attacks are half as powerful. Grovyle's attacks become twice as powerful and he's twice as fast.

Victory Poses:

Trainer version: Grovyle looks content as his trainer says something like: "Yeah! You did it Grovyle!"

PMD version: Grovyle says: "Defeat is inevitable for those who stand in my way!" or something like that and slashes the air.

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