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Greninja was confirmed for SSB4 on April 8 2014, He is fast but very fugly as fuck, And he is so stupid he thinks he Replaced Mewtwo, Even tho mewtwo sure will be dlc, btw dr mario replaced ridley so stfu ridley fanboys also hes too big for ssb4 #johnnytest4smash 


Neutral Special - inflate self - Greninja tries to use Hydro Pump but his Tongue Stuffs it in his belly and he inflates cus hes stupid lol

Side Special - ded - Greninja tries to attack but mewtwo appears and stabs him in the tongue 346985365498365985346 times and he is overbleeding and he die- i mean faint

Up Special - Aqua Jet - power fucking doubles if using belly drum at inflate self but he cant learn belly drum so u just got rekt lol

Down Special - Substitute -

Final Smash - Moon Slash -

Likes and dislikes Edit

  •  ''well mewtwo is my gf so i dont hate him lol im gay''

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