Grandmaster Silversmit (don't spell it silversmith they will murder you) is the second coming of jesus christ. f

they're going to steal your girl because they're the second coming of christ and the second coming of cchrist needs bitches.

chika takami is their loving waifu dont mess with her as silversmit will beat you to a pulp unless she does it before you

Move set

Neutral Smash: DOIN' YOUR MOM

Side Smash: crying because in the end nothing matters and will have been forgotten by history.


Down Smash: smashing your girl

Final Smash: The religion of YOUR MOM PONG


  • it is unknown if they are male or female
  • made the religion of your mom pong
  • bi
  • works with edgyroll and had a hardcore threesome with her and chika
  • probably banged your mom
  • also banged your dad