General Scales

General Scales is a canidate for a boss in SSB4. He is depicted to be a fighter-sized boss. He fights along side King RedEye. Unlike most Nintendo Bosses, his theme is "Squirming Evil" from the original Kingdom Hearts.

Unlike most bosses he won’t be very big (actually about the size of Ganondorf if not slightly larger). A possible beginning is him riding a Red Eye (T-Rex) which you have to dismount. While mounted he can…

- Can chomp and chew the player before spitting them out.
- Can trample or stomp with his feet.
- Give a loud roar that can stun the player.
Once General Scales is dismounted, he will draw his sword and will fight you on foot. He will have various abilities that were hinted in the cut scenes in Starfox Adventures.
- Summon Sharp claws and throw them at you.
- Can use the sharp claws as shields as well.
- Pick the opponent up and throw them.
- Can go invisible or teleport with his belt.
- Can go off screen and drop from the ceiling.

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