Galamoth is a Boss canidate for SSB4. His theme is the Last Boss theme from Pokemon R
anger: Shadow of Almia. He comes from Castlevania. He attacks with lightning based attacks. Here's a quote that indicates his fight and defeat. 

Intro of Battle 

Galamoth: I am the one, the only, single solitary doer of dastardly deeds! Purveyor of pestilence! Interloper of lawlessness! Menace to mankind! I am bad! I am evil! I am King Galamoth! Hahahahahahahaha! (Uses his lightning staff at Bubbles)


Galamoth: That's right! Run you coward!

Blossom: Hey you! Leave my sister aone!

Galamoth: Hmmm... you are quite brave, I see...

Blossom: You're about to feel the strength of a Powerpuff Girl!

Galamoth: [In a low, slow voice] Oh, shut up!

Blossom: Feel my power!

Galamoth: SHUT UP!

Blossom: Are you sure you're ready for another beating?


End of Battle:


Bubbles: (Giggles) I've WON!!!!!

Galamoth: (Sighs) . . .cheep . . .

Blossom: You've meet your match.

Galamoth: Cor-ny!

Bubbles: We're heroes, Duh.

Galamoth: CHEEP!

Bubbles: Cheep?! Who's calling us cheep?

Galamoth: ME! Hahahahahahaha (gets punched in the face by Blossom.) OWCH!!

Blossom: Be quiet you!

Bubbles: Take this! (Slaps Galamoth in the face.)

Galamoth: Ow! Quit it!
[Bubbles slaps him again]
Galamoth: Ow! Quit it!
[Bubbles slaps him once again]
Galamoth: Ow! Quit it!
[Bubbles continues to slap, and Galamoth gets more and more infuritated until he finally snaps.]
Galamoth: QUIT IIIIIIIIIT!!!!! (Grabs Bubbles and crushes her.)
Blossom: (gasping) BUBBLES!!!
Galamoth: SHUT UP!
Blossom: No! You shut up and let go of my sister!
Galamoth: NEVER!!!
(An irratated Blossom flies straight toward Galamoth and uses Ice Breath to freeze him. Bubbles flies)
Blossom: Are you okay?
Bubbles: I'm fine.
(Blossom and Bubbles give a high-five.)

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