giygas from earthbound

 Giygas is a boss canidate for ssb4

he would be the The Fourth Last Boss in the game.

and would fight almost like he does in earthbound. Fought by PeppyWaluigiTingle, Big, Ninten, and Ness.

boss fight

Peppy: I got a ba-a-ad feelin' about this.

Waluigi: Waa... You call-a yourself an advisor? Swallow that-a pride. I would if I were-a you.

Giygas : N..e..s..s...

Tingle: Shut up Waluigi. We gotta beat this creepy thing even creepier than my artwork for a game I starred in that I can't speak of by name because of the contract we all had to sign.

Big: Yeah! Go Team Annoyance!

Peppy: Wait. Tingle, did you just break the fourth wall? Ninten : Comes out of nowhere* PK Techno!

Ness : *Comes out of nowhere* PK Rockin!

  • hurts Giygas and Battle Begins*


StarCraft and Starban can defeat Giygas easily, even by not moving. EarthBound and Chuck Norris can defeat him with them requiring only one finger touch. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo can defeat his by praying nine times but Paula needs to stay alive for this to work.

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