Flandre Scarlet is the Extra Boss in the Touhou 6 EoSD stage in Single Player. She has moves that shouldn't even be in a smash game they're so brutal!


B: Cranberry Trap

Side B: Lävatein

Down B: Maze of Love

Up B: Four of a Kind

Final Smash: Destroying absolutely anything and everything

Tips for Idiots

As the Scarlet Mansion's "Dirty Little Secret" she is the most powerful being there. She can destroy anything she wants by moving the "eye" of the object, where the tension is highest, into her hand and pouring her power into it, or in other words, she crushes the "eye" and breaks the target. Even though she is a vampire, she can easily destroy the sun whenever she wants because of this ability. Patchouli Knowledge will use a spell to create a new sun though if this were to ever happen. If you unlock the battle against her, you're in for some true Hell... Bullet Hell that is! Ba-dum Bah!

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