Fawful comes from the Mario and Luigi games as a villian. He does not appear in the story, and many people don't want him in due to not being a Mario character. However, mario and Luigi can be counted as it's own series like Yoshi's. His moveset comes straight from the boss fights against him, with an entrance of jumping off a fawful-copter and yelling, "I HAVE FURY!"


B. Ray Gun: Fawful shoots a blast from his ray gun.

<-B-> Scrap Attack: Fawful uses his vaccum helmet to suck up junk and spit it at foes.

B ^ Vaccum Jet: Fawful uses his vaccum helmet to fly.

B V Fawful Flail: Fawful fails his arms low to the ground.

Final Smash: Dark Star

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