Evil Cole MacGrath

Evil Cole MacGrath as he appears in Playstion All Stars Battle Royale.

Evil Cole MacGrath is a canidate player for SSB4. He is the evil version of Cole MacGrath that will never make it to the next SSB because he is owned by Sony. However, he is playable in Playstion All Stars Battle Royale, which is the Sony version of Super Smash Bros.


B - Lightning Bolt - Shots at his enemies with lightning bolts.

Side B - Fire Bird Dash - Does an infernal-bird dash at his enemies.

Up - Lightning Jump - Does a jump, leaving bits of lightning on ground, damaging players that touch them.

Down B - Spikers - Summons Spikers to aid him, and will attack nearby enemies.

Final Smash - Power of The Beast - Gains power of The Beast; basically becomes invinsible, deals massive damage to players, and can send them flying with one combo.

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