Eggieroll is basically is shipper with no life and can kill you with her ships. She is dead inside and likes saying the word frick. She does not like lenny things at all and reacts a bit too much to them. Although she might be able to kill you, she probably wouldn't hurt you at all unles you made her really, really mad. She loves making terrible ship fics and ship art, especially of her friend Goldsmith. She also likes cute and floofy things like alpacas. Also pretty lazy. She has an evil, Dark Pitt-esque clone of herself called Edgyroll.

Neutral Smash: say frick

Side smash: roll

Up smash: kawaii peace sign pose in air

Down smash: curl into a ball

Special: ship

Side B: throw a fanfic

Up B: draw up wings for flight.

Down B: draw a ship art of safety that lasts for a few seconds

Final Smash: makes everyone a maid

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