Ebisumaru holding his fan

Ebisumaru holding his fan



Ebisumaru, (Pronounced Ebee-soo-maru) (nicknamed The Ninja of Justice) is Goemon's best friend and brother figure, Sasuke's best friend, the deuteragonist of the Ganbare Goemon series and possible Assist Trophy for SSB4. Goemon, Yae, Sasuke, and him were created by the 3rd-party company Konami and are very popular in Japan.    

Ebisumaru is the strongest of the Mystical Ninja characters but is also the slowest. Ebisumaru uses a wide variety of weapons, he can use a butt stomp as a down aerial that can flatten characters, he mostly uses a hammer, a fan, and a party kazoo as his main weapons. He has a horn that he blows into to summon stone blocks that crush opponents. He can grab people with his ribbon, he throws shuriken and his farts and burps are his special attacks.


Goemon (best friends as close as brothers, they share a house), Sasuke (best friend), Yae, Impact (friend and ally), Princess Yuki, Lord Yuki, Kurobei, Omitsu (love interest), Wise Man


Ghosts, Zombies, Spring Breeze Dancin' (Danshin Harukaze) and Kitty Lily (Margaret Ranko) (they call him Antonio), Bismaru (descendant), Seppukumaru

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