"Earthworm Jim" is a SEGA's retro series.

Jim , a normal earthworm , has a special "super suit" fall from the sky and allows him to operate much like a human , with his "worm-part" acting as a head , and the suit acting as arms , body, and legs .

Jim's task is two-fold , he must evade the games many antagonists , who are after him because they want the suit back , and also rescue and protect princess "What's-Her-Name" from them .

The game plays out with Jim eluding and defeating all enemies , and saving princess "What's-Her-Name" .

Some people want him in SSB4 as a playable character , but unfortunately he has only three old games ( his last appearing was on Nintendo 64 ) , but this could be a good thing because Masahiro Sakurai loves the retro series. Despite his, like, decade-long "dirtnap" (insert awesome smiley here), Earthworm Jim seems to slowly be "crawling" on back! (Huh? Huh?) Adding this character would be, as Earthworm Jim himself would say, "GROOVY!"


A. Head Whip

<-A-> Power Punch

A ^ Upward Head Whip

A V Ground Punch

B. Head Lasso: Jim uses his head as a lasso to draw his opponents closer.

<-B-> Blaster Buster: Jim fires a row of 3 pellets from his blaster to damage foes.

B ^ Rocket Booster: Jim Launches his rocket upward to damage foes and jump higher. The rocket, like Wario's bike, can be thrown afterwards.

B V Ground Laser: Jim jumps up and fires three lasers from his blaster from left to right.

Final Smash: Worm Wrap

Jim ejects himself and binds all the opponents together, before his suit kicks them off the screen and to their defeat.

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