Dr Rabbit (real name GARLAX THE DESTROYER) was a rabbit formed from human skin around 6th century BC. He is known for appearing in such games as Destiny, Minecraft and Zoo Tycoon. He is widely renowned for destroying the planet Zenmar through the use of The Hyrodgen fission laser . His wife is Carl Seagan and he has a daughter named Stodgy-Herbert the 3rd II.

Early Life

Garlax was summoned approximately 2600 years ago, through what is now assumed to be a Kaleidoscopic Terraforming Dividend . GARLAX's spirit was plucked from the fifth third realm: the file size of his conscience being around 900kb. He was the transferred into an 8.742 tonne pile of rotting human flesh. It took 9 years for the flesh to merge into GARLAX's rabbit form, by which time steam power had been invented, making the whole process moot . 6 Ohms after he had been formed, he was captured and spent 10 years in the late, great, and overweight Richard Griffiths' basement.

School and Family Life

Sitting on my throne up in the sky You better watch out, guy. Anyone who comes this way will die.

No one in this world can understand Who I am That is why I'm my own biggest fan.

Do you know what it's like to be built this way? With only the power to push others away?

The insects crawl below they do not know My anger grows I'll return in full everything that they're owed

Lives on this earth I grow tired of Death from above The annihilation of everyone you know and love

Do you know what it's like to be built this way? With only the power to push others away?

Up in the sky Ten miles high A man stands above the city he will destroy. Built from airplane parts, his propeller spins as he thinks to himself... I will destroy these people.

(I will fly high above Monsteropolis, and I'll rain terror down on the general populace)

For if I can't walk among them Then I will walk the world alone There'll be a fire in the sky And your doom will rain down!

Built from pieces of SR-71s And planes that crashed in World War II. There will be a tombstone with The Planet Earth engraved on it!

Do you know what it's like to be built this way? With only the power to push others away? You've a heavy role to bear Do you think you can carry it? I'll usher in the end Upon my thunder chariot...

Role in the Vietnam War and the great merging with Ainsley Harriott

There was a fire. The village burnt, and this made GARLAX sad. He could leave this planet, yes, but this horrific violence drew him further into a trance of quiet observation. Every burning smell, every scream for help or retribution, every burning tree only brought him closer to what was so evidently wrong with humanity. A single tear rolled down his rabbit face.

Rabbit was levitating above a heavily wooded area of the Vietnam Jungle: holding the morgul blade in his hands. His shoulders were slack, his legs were bent. He had the demeanor of someone who had simply given up: and indeed he had. Why did they do this? Why? Every time he attempted to bring good to the world humanity simply devoured itself anew. Rabbit could not go on for much longer. He let out a terrific battle-cry: one that carried the pain of an entire planet.

His scream had silenced the screams; and the smell of burning had dispersed. All was quiet, and yet something was not right. The cries of anguish must have shrouded it before, but Garlax could feel a presence. A powerful presence. More powerful than even him.

A great roar pierced the fresh silence. Storm clouds filled the sky. A new foe approached.

Garlax was struck suddenly and violently by a lightning-fast figure. He was launched across the sky, and into the unfolding maelstrom. He felt himself pummeled by this unknown opponent, each blow carrying the sound of thunder as it pounded Rabbit's malleable flesh and broke his fragile bones. Rabbit, against all odds, recomposed himself, focused his spirit, and plunged the morgul blade into his foe's chest. A huge burst of energy erupted from the point of impact and, just before the brawlers were thrown miles apart from each other, Garlax saw the fiend's face. It was a new face, but he instantly recognised it. The face of an old god, a being that was infinitely stronger than anything he had previously fought.

The face belonged to Ainsley Harriott.

"火、この世のものとなって何である弟。それは長い死を希望しており、それは私たちがそれを与えるものです。私たちは、死刑執行です!下の蔓延の合計消滅で私に参加しましょう。" Ainsley yelled to Garlax, his call heard across the world. Mortals trembled at hearing the great voice.

'This being has caused more pain to these people than anything I have ever witnessed' thought Garlax, still weakened from their battle. 'Yet I am no match for him. I have no other choice. It is me or the planet'


"You are a vile creature, Ainsley. The people on the ground tremble as though they are the Earth itself, and you dare tell me to attack them, without mercy or relent?"

Rabbit held the Morgul Blade above his head. The storm intensified.

"Only two people will die today. Neither of them will be human"

The clouds swirled around the blade, thunder clattered in the sky and the air grew humid.

"For with all my strength, all of my energy, I will ensure that my sword strikes true."

Lightning stuck the point of the sword and Garlax absorbed the full voltage. Ainsley's blood, which still coated the knife's edge began to seep under Rabbit's skin. The fusion was complete.


In rage, Ainsley shot toward Garlax, but his brutal and ongoing assault was nothing. It was simply shaken off. All it took was one swift punch to completely disintergrate the demon, simply leaving behind a can of Butternut Squash Cup soup. The storm subsided.

Garlax knew he could never go back to civilization with Ainsley still contained within him, so he fled to outer space. He would find a new planet, a peaceful one. He would settle down in a mountain range and train with the local monks to optimise his power. He sometimes reminded himself about Earth, wishing he could return to see if things had changed, if the humans had finally gotten over their differences. As he gazed out from the window on his new home, Grenmar II, holding his newborn daughter in his hand, a single tear rolled down his cheek

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