Dillion is an armodillo ranger from the 3DS E-shop title "Dillion's Rolling Western", and a possible character. Using his claws and upgrades given to him by village leaders, he could be very different from what we've seen in Smash. The Namco Bandai rumor even says that Dillion has been set but not finalized, plus his E-shop title did really well.


B. Claws: Dillion swipes his claws like Wolf, but faster and with slighty more damage dealt.

<-B-> Spike Roll: Similar to Sonic's spin dash from Brawl, only slower and with spikes jutting out at the end of the move. This move can be charged.

B ^ Ranger Jump Swipe: Dillion rolls up, bounces, and then swipes his claws with razor edge speed.

B V Burrow Attack: Dillion burrows underground and jumps in front of his opponent to claw them. Damage done from the debris and his claws. 

Final; Smash: Gun Tower 

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