Dig Dug
Dig Dug is a character canidate for SSB4. He is a retro character. Dig Dug, like Pacman, is owned by Namco and he is an old school game icon. He relies on his pump and drill while lacking any powerful close combat attacks, making him a harder character to master. 


A. Feather Punch: Weakest..punch....ever

<-A-> Drill Jab

A ^ Drill Spike (Point's drill up like a spike)

A V Drill Spin Kick (15% damage, strongest of his melee)

B. Inflate: Dig Dug uses is chord to inflate his opponent and prevent from moving for 30-40 seconds.

<-B-> Dig Cable: Think Link's hookshot, only better and stronger.

B ^ Graple Chord: Self explanitory

B V Fall Rock: Dig Dug stabs the celing causing a rock to fall.

Final Smash: Dragon Boom

Dig Dug takes a dragon enemy from his arcade game and inflates it to the size of the screen, causing to explode and knock everone else off.

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