Devil is a blue winged demon from an Famicom title called Devil World that appeared as an assist in brawl, and could easily become a playable character with a moveset revovling around mischief and a little fire. It sounds weird, but for smash, it works.


B. Devil Spit: Devil spits at the ground and creates a small flame.

<-B-> Devil Double: Devil sends a dummy of himself hurtling to his opponent.

B^ Devil Flare: Devil breathes out a might flame that helps him gain altitude.

B V Devil Ring: Devil creates a boundary ring around him that damages those who touch it.

Final Smash: Devil Boundary

This works like his assist function by drawing boundary lines that do hoop damage; however, these lines grow closer to the center until Devil is at the center, and then it ends with two massive fire balls in either direction.

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