Deoderant Man is a Deoderant Shaped Living Can with Hands and Legs. Deoderant Man is a  Dangerous Opponent though. Deoderant Man is a Made up Character created by Dr Eggman to Attack Sonic. Deoderant Man's Most Scariest Move is the Deoderant Hell Shower. Deoderant Man's cutscene theme music is Panda by Desiigner and his battle music is Darude Sandstorm

Role in Story Mode

As Sonic the Hedgehog is Chasing Dr Eggman, Deoderant Man Appears and Kicks Sonic Straight in the Face. Tails, Knuckles and Shadow come to Help Sonic and Attempt to Battle Deoderant Man but get Beaten Badly. Sonic Attempts to Fight Deoderant Man in Super Sonic Form

Sonic: I'm Not Letting you Go Anywhere Eggman

Eggman: AAAAH! Robots! Do Something

Egg Robos: Yes Sir

Sonic Quickly destroys the Egg Robos

Eggman: What! No Way!

Sonic: It's Over for You Eggman

Eggman: Not Yet! Behold the Deoderant Man!

Sonic: Wait What?

Deoderant Man Appears Out of a Saiyan Space Pad stolen from Vegeta

Deoderant Man: So you Must be Sonic eh?

Sonic: You're Correct. And you Must be Deoderant Man

Deoderant Man: *Evil Laugh* Yes. Are you Ready to Die?

Sonic: No Chance in Hell am i Dying from you

Sonic Attacks Deoderant man but gets Sprayed in the Eye by Deoderant

Sonic: MY EYES!

Shadow Tails And Knuckles appear

Tails: Sonic! Are you Alright?

Sonic: Yeah

Eggman: See! I Told you there was No Chance of Facing the Deoderant Man! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Shadow: We'l See about That!

Shadow gets Sprayed by Deoderant too


Deoderant Man: Hahahaha! You Can Never Defeat Me

Sonic: Tails, Give me the Chaos Emeralds

Tails Gives Sonic the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic turns into Super Sonic

Sonic: Now im Ready

Eggman: Oh Crap!

Eggman Escapes

Deoderant Man: HAHA! So you have Powered up aswell eh? You're Still Gonna Lose No Matter what!

Sonic: We'll See About That!

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