Crash is an amphropomorphic bandicoot that has appeared in several games on Nintendo consoles. It's unlikely, but not impossible to include Crash, he is not in the playstation clone and he has a base in Nintendo's consoles. And making his moveset isn't really that difficult.


B. Crash Spin: A halmark Crash move, Crash spins in a mini tornado around the arena.

<-B-> Manic Charge: Crash charges at people while flailing his arms.

B ^ Crash Reverse Spin: Crash does a reverse spin to gain some air.

B V Drill Spin: Crash spins in order to drill into the ground and send rocks flying.

Final Smash: Mind Over Mutant

Crash jumps atop the Yuktopus from Mind Over Mutant and controls it for a short time, blasting  massive jets of waterthat do 40% damage each.

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