Link ssb4

Link's concept art in SSB4.

Link in his skyloftian clothes

Link in his skyloftian clothes

Link is a confirmed character for the next Smash Bros.    

His design on the Wii U version is based off of his Twilight Princess appearence while the color palette is from Skyward Sword but on the 3DS version his design is from Twilight Princess but the color palette is from Ocarina of Time. He retains all of his special moves from the previous games.   

Adult Link from Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword Link (right-handed), his Ordonian outfit from Twilight Princess, his Skyloftian outfit from Skyward Sword (right-handed), Warrior Link, and his Soldier outfit from Hyrule Warriors should be his alternate costumes.       

Link's new entrance should be him flying on his Loftwing then dropping off then opens his sailcloth but at other times he fails to open his sailcloth in time and then he crashes to the ground.    

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