City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 is a stage candidate for SSB4. It is one of the two first levels in SA2, and it is a very famous Sonic level.


The stage would be two buildingtops, each a few feet apart, right in front of another tall building (which the truck crashes into in SA2). Every so often, the Space Colony ARK will draw closer to the city, but before it can hit the ground, it will vanish in Chaos Control. The ARK will not affect the battles. The ARK drawing closer towards the city is very similar to when the moon draws closer to Termina in Great Bay.

My Music

Escape From The City

That's The Way I Like It

This Way Out

Never Gonna Give You Up

Vengeance Is Mine!

Keys to the Ruin

G.U.N. Boss

It Doesn't Matter

Supporting Me

Throw It All Away (Shadow's Theme)

Any more music suggestions?

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